Ignatius Irwan

Senior Consultant


  • Soft-skills
  • Competency development
  • Learning & Training Management
  • Leadership
  • Human Performance Improvement
  • Coaching & Counseling


PQM Consultants
Cempaka Putih
Jakarta Pusat

Ig Irwan (IR) is a Senior Consultant of PQM Consultants – a Consulting firm that specializes in helping clients to build continuous improvement culture by making “productivity and quality improvement through people” works.

Irwan finished his bachelor degree at Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia, and also took MBA programme at Prasetiya Mulya Business School.

Irwan has a unique career path: a combined working experience at Consultancy firm and also as a professional in operational and managerial function of business organisation. He started his career as a junior consultant in a national human resource consulting firm. Then he accepted an offer to work in a conglomerate group of companies, taken various roles at head office like Training Officer, Training & Development Manager and later got role of HR Department Head in one of its telecommunication business unit. He then decided to work a Consultant again, spending almost ten years at PQM Consultants. Feeling the need to increase ‘flying hours’ sharpening operational and managerial capability, he spent another eight years as a professional, this time leading Human Resource and Organisation Development department in Manufacturing sector. Now he decided to return to his most passionate profession: helping organisations and its people to keep on improve themselves and grow to become better and better.

With such a wide range of work experience, Irwan is ready to help clients especially in the area of People and Organisation Development, Manufacturing as well as Service sectors. His area of expertise include : Training & Development, Organisation Development, Performance Management System, Competency Based HRM, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Leadership & Coaching, Work Culture building; and other related areas.

Beside formal education mentioned above, Irwan widen his knowledge and capability by attending lots of seminar and trainings, such as : Foundations of Organisation Development (Manila, Philippines), Human Performance Improvement (Singapore), ARTDO conference (Manila, Philippines), Strategic Business (Harvard training, Jakarta), and a lot more.

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