High Productive Team – PT High Side Indonesia


PT High Side Indonesia focusing on sales of Japanese cosmetics. There are two departments in the corporate organizational structure: Back Office Department encompassing Administration and Warehouse, and also Sales Department covering Marketing, Sales and Designer as well as Product Development that stand alone under Operational Director.

PT High Side Indonesia since 2020 committed to rearrange its work structure to be more systematic. However, during its application, obstacles come up: miscommunication between departments, ineffective cooperation between staff in the same department, mistakes from the output caused by miscoordination are inevitable.

Management from PT High Side Indonesia invited PQM Consultants to conduct training in teamwork improvement to strengthen synergy between departments, units, and staff in order to improve performance productivity for a more productive, effective, and efficient output.


PQM Consultants facilitate PT High Side Indonesia through Motivation / Building Personal Capability Program. In this program, PQM helps participants in developing teamwork, motivation and spirit in collaboration; Self reflection as well as a team for common goals; Building positive mindset needed in a team to keep strong collaboration; Developing initiatives and spirit to contribute with high motivation; Improving self actualization capabilities in team members. PT High Side Indonesia staff enthusiastically succeed in doing online assessment through Belbin and DISC to understand themselves and their teams.


Covid-19 caused this program which normally held offline to be done online. Adaptation was needed by participants to interact freely online. However, overall participants enjoyed and engaged in the whole process.


Staff are more aware and have better understanding of their peers’ characters at work to adjust their communication style in accordance to their unique characters and reduced miscommunication. In addition, each team commits to be more open to communicate their opinions on problems found at the workplace. Besides, PT High Side Indonesia staff also realize the importance of time for team bonding out of their office hours.