“Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Implementation SLPPI Division – BCA” is locked Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Implementation SLPPI Division – BCA

Before and After Kaizen at Workplace


SLPPI Division at BCA has mission to build a service excellence (service world class) in commercial transaction and international payments. SLPPI’s goal to improve their customer satisfaction index (from 4.38) to the world class level (5.00). Therefore in the beginning of 2014, SLPPI started to engage all employee levels to implement Kaizen in their workplace and the whole process.


To increase Service Level by shortening the service lead time up-to 50% without compromising quality of service, starting on January 2014


PQM facilitates the SLPPI members, to do the Workplace and Process Kaizen which include all Bureaus and 1 Surabaya Branch. The method consists of on-site implementation, coaching on 5S and the process flow chart analysis, identify the non-valued added (Waste) in the whole value stream of the process, find the Root cause of waste and executing the improvement through Kaizen Event/Kaizen Blitz in the workplace (include re-lay out the office). By using this Kaizen approaches, the example result which taken from GPS Bureau can improve all the process that lead to reduce service lead-time from Customer Inquiry to IR Settlement, from average 84 minutes/inq to 40 minutes/inq, it equals to reduce losses time around 352 hours in a month (with the assumption the minimum number of inquiries = 25 inq/day).