Leadership Development Based on Corporate Values That Build Leadership Ethos Aligned with Company’s Culture at PT. Indomarco Prismatama


In 2014, Indomaret initiated a leadership development program that is based on the Company’s corporate values for all Office Managers at Indomaret Group. The program’s objective is to build leadership capabilities among Office Managers based on values such as honesty, truth and justice, and teamwork.


The program starts with an initial assessment of the leadership behaviors followed by a highly interactive workshop and finished with a post assessment. The program consists of leadership behavior development that focuses on 5 practices: Model The Way, Integrity, Alignment, Teamwork and Self Motivation.  PQM Consultants has facilitated all the assessment and workshop in multi-batch programs to equip 830 Office Managers with the leadership behavior practices based on Indomaret values.


Based on assessment results collected, the program has seen an increase in all of the 5 practices of the leadership behavior from the Office Managers of Indomaret Group. The result shows that “Integrity” is the practice that mostly appear among the Office Manager after the program. The result also shows that “Model The Way” (becoming a role model) is the practice that has seen the most improvement after the program.