Reducing the Fuel Consumption on CAT 777D Dump Truck – PT Cipta Kridatama

Before and After QCC (Quality Control Cycle)

PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) is one of The Indonesia’s leading mining service provider. PQM has been working with PT Cipta Kridatama since 2012 in bulding Quality Culture and implementing TQM to improve its business performance. Hundreds of CK’s employees have been trained in TQM and QCC, and lots of improvement projects have been implemented and gave significant impacts to the company. The projects have been presented in the internal QCC Convention. The following case study is one of the best projects of PT Cipta Kridatama, located at PT Mahakam Sumber Jaya – Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.


Company (Mahakam Sumber Jaya project) decided to reduce some operational costs, since global crisis that has led to the dwindling price of coal in the  international market. Cost reduction for fuel consumption for its dump truck has become the priority. CAT 777D is a large dump truck used in open coal mining area. Company believed by improving the efficiency in operational cost for its large vehicle in mining area, would bring  significant impact to the company’s performance.


To reduce the CAT 777D dump truck fuel consumption from 78 lt/ hour to 70 ltr/hour.


Equipped employees with Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement knowledge initially to the  QCC team and finally to all employees), by creating QCC using QCC and Delta Method, which analyze and review all aspects of operation includes manpower, environment, machine, material and method. That resulted in reducing haul truck fuel consumption even better to the level of 68.4 ltr/hour. This project resulting Annual Saving of IDR and CO2 emission reduction from 0.87 ton/hour into 0.78 ton/hour.

By completing this project, PT Cipta Kridatama has received a patent from Immerse Technologies (Mining Simulator Distributor) for the Team’s Initiative in developing Fuel Efficiency Module in Mining Simulator which resulting 6.9% reduction of fuel cost. For this achievement, PT Cipta Kridatama has also received Immersive Technologies’ Global Business Improvement Award for 2013.

Now, this method has also been applied in other PT Cipta Kridatama’s project and in other Immerse Technologies clients as well. It’s a huge improvement.