Human Resources Development Strategies “Manusia Total” (m-Total) – PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk

Development Strategies


PT Total Bangun Persada (TBP) is the most trusted and respectful construction company in Indonesia. While other construction companies strive to win the tender, 74% project of TBP in 2012 – 2013 are given by loyal customer with direct appointment. Since its inception, TBP was built with its commitment to “Pride & Excellence in Construction”. This reputation was built with its commitment to Human Resources Development. TBP focuses its Human Resources development on performance (kinerja), character (karakter) and spirit (semangat). This focus has been developed with a model called “Manusia Total”.

Objective / Problem

To develop all level of employees in Total Bangun Persada with the appropriate knowledge, skill, attitude of “Manusia Total” as part of the 5W Total Management System : Well Planned (front end planning), Well Sourced (contracting strategy), Well Controlled (control in supply chain), Well Delivered (high quality zero rework), Well Known (rising role of marketing).


The development model of “Manusia Total” has been translated into continuous Training in every level of employee and being followed up with the reinforcement program to implement the behavior “Manusia Total”.


Since 2010 until now, TBP and PQM Consultants have been working together as a partner for each other in developing “Manusia Total”. The model of “Manusia Total” has been designed into comprehensive & continuous training and reinforcement program consists of: corporate culture program, leadership program, work management program, and relationship building program. The corporate culture program strengthens the behavior of employee in customer focus, quality focus, trustworthy, and teamwork. The Leadership program strengthens the behavior of employee in leading oneself, giving feedback, and developing others. The work management program strengthens the behavior of employee in planning, executing, & problem solving decision making. The relationship building program is designed to build powerful team effectiveness with outdoor team building activity.

The result of this program has strengthened the corporate culture and productivity improvement.