Lean Manufacturing Implementation– PT. Gelflex Indonesia


PT Gelflex Indonesia, a contact lenses manufacturer, faces challenges to increase the competitiveness through doubled up the production capacity. Moreover, the shorter lead time to delivery and better quality also need to be addressed.


PQM Consultants has facilitated Gelflex Indonesia to implement lean manufacturing since 2018. Lean Manufacturing implementation focus on improving people capability, strengthening system reliability and optimizing the process. From the perspective of system, lean implementation facilitate the goal setting, strategy deployment, daily management system and appreciation system. Moreover, people capability are enhanced through education and training, coaching on problem solving and involvement on improvement. While to optimize the process, kaizen, line balancing, workplace improvement, statistical process control, cross-functional improvement and 5S-Safety program are conducted.


Within the first 3 months of implementation, 24 kaizen plans are executed that impacted to 408 minutes saved and 3240 steps saved. Improving from same day SO closing to 3-days in advance SO closing to delivery date. Moreover, Delivery in Full On Time (on agreed date) is increased 18% and reject rate is decreased by 24%. Lastly, it also resulted countless increase on people capability and engagement.

Gelflex Indonesia is the subsidiaries of Gelflex, Australia’s first and only mould manufacturing plant, that has been establish for more than 15 years. Prominent for providing wide range of disposable and specialty custom lenses to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.


  • 408 minutes and 3240 steps saved
  • Increase on Delivery In Full On Time (on agreed date) by 18%
  • Decrease on reject rate by 24%
  • 3-Days in advance SO Closing to Delivery Date