Lean Six Sigma – BPJS Kesehatan


In order to expand its membership, particularly on  innovation and simplification of business process is needed at BPJS through management tools, one of which is through Lean Six Sigma. BPJS Kesehatan has adopted Lean Six Sigma to improve their business process within the company. In 2019, BPJS Kesehatan applied Lean Six Sigma improvement in one of their member recruitment process, that is canvassing, and in 2020 in collaboration with PQM Consultants in Canvassing, Badan Usaha Daftar Sebagian Tenaga Kerja (DTSK), Telemarketing. Edabu class for every branch in Indonesia, with, their focused project improvement that is to expand membership recruitment from corporate client which has significantly decreased during pandemic.


Program starts with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop to 30 Champions from Head Office and regional deputy, continued by piloting project in 4 main branch offices to be replicated in every branch in Indonesia. To ensure the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma project implementation and knowledge on building improvement culture within the company, PQM consultants provided different formal coaching (online/offline) and also informal coaching by PQM and technical assistance facilitated by Divisi Perluasan Kepesertaan. The program was finished with Certification Exam for the Champions.


In the midst of daily operations, out of 127 branches had to allocate their time to discuss project improvements and coaching with consultants. Scheduling coaching for 127 branches located in 3  different timezones (WIB, WITA, WIT) coordinated in 13 regional deputies was a particular challenge. But with exceptional supports from Divisi Perluasan Peserta Team, Champions, Branch Manager and the whole 13 regional deputies in Indonesia, coaching for 127 branches  were done twice a week in every branch in 5 months time window until project was finished.

Because program is done in the midst of pandemic, 90% of workshop and coaching  were done online and the rest were offline or combination of both. This online training and coaching is a challenge on its own since internet connection within 127 branches in Indonesia is not equally well developed, but through various efforts, training and coaching processes could run well and smoothly until the project was finished.


Running project improvement that focused on improving membership in the midst of pandemic is certainly not an easy task, but with incredible passion from the whole members supported by Master Black Belt and Black Belt Team from PQM Consultants, at the end of the program 127 project improvements were done, resulting in a significant increase of membership (from minus 8,555 members into 118.083 members per month) and contribute to Annual Benefit of more than 54,4 billions.

Program was closed with Certification Exam, 25 participants were granted Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt  from PQM and 5 participants were granted Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt from IQF(International Quality Federation, USA). These certified LSSGB are expected to promote as Champions or as change agents at BPJS Kesehatan and to monitor sustainable improvement activities within 127 branches in 13 regional deputies throughout Indonesia.

BPJS Kesehatan previously named Askes (Asuransi Kesehatan, Health Insurance), managed by PT Askes Indonesia (Persero). PT Askes Indonesia transformed into BPJS Kesehatan on January 1st, 2014. BPJS Kesehatan has a vision in protecting all Indonesian Citizens by providing comprehensive, fair, and equitable health insurance.