Total Productive Maintenance Implementation – PT. Kao Indonesia


PT Kao Indonesia faces the harsh business in consumer goods environment with several challenges such as: Stringent Demand on Quality, Lower Cost (essential for survival), Speed (Shorter Delivery Time), Flexible Production System (Responsive to Demand), Safety and Environmental Friendly.


In 2009, PQM Consultants started to facilitate the fundamental pillars of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) implementation such as Focused Improvement and Autonomous Maintenance. The purpose of the TPM is to improve the reliability and flexibility of equipments towards customer demands and requirements.

Some Kaizen initiatives have been done by employees and the standard maintained during TPM Implementation, such as in Skin Care factory, eliminate digiplant errors, reduce hot-air station and heating station troubles, quick set up of eye-mark sensor and eliminate unnecesary adjustment.


The increasing of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is average of 12% in the 3 factoriesreduce downtime duration to 20%, reduce number of stop time (minor-stoppage) below 10 times per day and the productivity increase for about 30%.

Kao Indonesia engaged in the business of consumer goods (consumer goods) is broadly grouped into following categories: skin care (including soaps and facial treatments), Human healthcare (sanitary napkins) and household products (fabrics homecare).


  • Overall Equipment Efficiency increase 12%
  • Downtime reduction : 20%
  • Productivity increase : 30%