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TPM eliminates production inefficiencies and loss time by preventing breakdowns and reducing defects. By employing TPM to engage teams from Management, Production, Maintenance, and other divisions as a whole “Partnership of Change”, we have helped clients restore equipment and processes to optimal conditions, and changed the work environment to maintain these conditions for maximum efficiency.

Lean creates more value for customers while minimizing waste. By understanding customer value and focusing its key processes to continually increase it, a lean organization can creat maximize value with zero waste. We have helped companies to refocus management strategies to optimize the flow of products and services, creating processes that require less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time.

Top Quality Management (TQM) is a fundamental management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. We have helped clients from diverse industries to involve all employees in the continual improvement of the processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work. These systems ensure quality at the source, and have empowered people in problem-solving and organizational performance through TQM.

Supply Chain Management extends beyond traditional enterprise boundaries and organizes entire business processes throughout a value chain of multiple companies. In an increasingly globalized and interconnected market, organizations must rely on effective supply networks; we have assessed current supply chain practices to help our clients build sustainable systems that improve their business coordination, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce supply chain costs.

Good service is integral to any successful organization and is the main competitive advantage that sets great organizations apart from others. Service is about taking action to create value for others. We have helped clients from all fields to improve their service culture by aligning employees’ mindsets with customers’ needs.

Human Capital Development acknowledges that great people are behind great products. From our inception, we have believed that people are not only resources, but also drivers of change that determine company competitiveness and success. We have helped our clients to build their organizations’ capability and leadership to attract and develop their employees for the long term.

Excellent management is a vital component of any successful organization. To survive in this increasingly competitive business market, organizations need effective and efficient management systems to ensure that customer’s needs and stakeholder’s demands are met, and that regulations, human resource development, and quality assurance are fulfilled. We have excellent programs to help your organization build Project Management and Change Management capabilities.

Six Sigma is an effective management system that improves the quality of processes and products/services with a focus on eliminating defects and reducing variability. We have provided training and consulting in Six Sigma management, equipping organizations with the tools and methods to significantly improve organizational performance by systematically removing inefficiencies within the system

Most aspects of business equate to a process. However, those processes are frequently not as efficient or effective as they could be. Business process improvement or BPI provides methods, techniques and tools to design, control and analyse business process by involving people and integrate process and systems to become more competitive in the market

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