Total Productive Maintenance Implementation – PT. Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia


PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia is facing the tough heavy duty equipment competititon and to give optimum effort to attain business objective of Providing Products that Satisfy Customers” by improving manufacturing competitiveness in quality and reliability.

Their objectives are to optimize current production capacity and to build sustainable growing brand image so it is able to maintain its position as a market leader with a market share of above 45%.


Since 2013, PQM Consultants started to facilitate the TPM (Total Productive Management, as defined in KUI) implementation for 1 Model Machine in Forging and 15 Pilot Machines (include in Machining and Assembly). The purpose of the TPM is to buld improvement culture (people awareness), physical machine transformation and finally to improve overall efficiency of the companySome Kaizen and daily problem solving initiatives have been done by employees and the standard maintained during TPM Implementation, such as developing basic mentality of employees, improving dandori (quick change-over of dies), reduce downtime (guide cotter, heat exchanger, electromotors), reduce idle and stop time during door discharging or cool-water quenching, synchronize WIP supply between process.


The increasing of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is up-to 16.6% of each machinesreduce downtime duration to 18%, and production lead-time reduction to 21%.

PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia (KUI), which has been the biggest manufacturing and selling crawler components and parts for construction and mining equipment since 2001 in the regions.


  • Overall Equipment Efficiency increase ~ 16.6%
  • Downtime reduction :18%
  • Reduce Production lead-time : 21%