In-House Training


Using proven Action Learning approach, our customized training programs will help your company realize results in productivity and quality.

The design of PQM Consultants training programs are as follows :

  • Customized to support the achievement of the client’s company targets
  • Adopting “adult learning principles” approach
  • Practical and implementation-oriented

In-House Training Program

The PQM Service Program book provides an overview in a standardize form of training program. However, if necessary, it can be customized as to meeting the needs of client’s company. Customized In-House Training gives more advantages because it can be:


Customized to meeting the needs of a company

For Organization

Designed for an organization instead of individual participant need


Building the same language and perception to facilitate the implementation process

Training Programs In This Book Are Provided In Three Models:

Seminars and Workshop

Training-led Implementation

Action Learning Program

Training-led Implementation program is an implementation program consisting of a series of training and periodic coaching (often called ‘sandwich program’). This Training -led Implementation program is provided to ensure the implementation effectiveness.

Action Learning Program is training program that uses Action Learning approach where participants learn to apply techniques and concepts of productivity and quality improvement in the actual situation. Training is designed in the form of series of in-class training and coaching in the field.

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