Dr. Sonny Irawan



  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Management


PQM Consultants
Cempaka Putih
Jakarta Pusat

Dr. Sonny is a Commissioner and Senior Consultant of PQM Consultants – a firm specializing in trainings and consulting to establish a culture of continuous improvement in client companies to increase their productivity and quality through people.

He specializes in the area of Productivity and Quality Improvement. He has served clients from various industries, services and manufacture, national and multinational companies, by providing consulting and/or training to improve Productivity and Quality.

Some of his experiences in helping client’s organizations in the areas are as follows: Strategic Management, creating reliable equipment by eliminating its losses through Total Productive Maintenance implementation; building quality culture through Total Quality Management; and creating a flow production process, pulled processes and reduce excessive inventory by implementing Lean Management, building systems to optimize manufacturer processes, building system to optimize resources (material, human resources, machine) by implementing Enterprise Resource Planning.

Before joining PQM Consultants, Sonny was a Consultant in Manufacturing Resource Management Implementation (MRP II) in West Germany.

Sonny graduated from Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration & Economics, Aachen University of Technology, West Germany. He holds his Doctoral Degree in Economics from Aachen University of Technology, in West Germany.

Training and Conferences he has attended : International Congress on Quality Control, San Francisco; First Asia Pacific Conference on Quality Service, Singapore; International Convention on QC Circles, Bali; Production Management Training Course, AOTS Nagoya; Managing Process Improvement Facilitator Training, ODI Melbourne; QAD University Basic Curriculum, Carpinteria, USA; Japan Study Mission for Manufacturing Management, SANNO Tokyo; 4th Asia Pacific Conference of Management Consultants, Kuala Lumpur; TPM Course, Singapore; JIT & MRP-II, Jakarta; Synchro MRP, Jakarta; Quality Control in Construction, Jakarta, Certified TPM Instructor Course, JIPM Jepang; Strategic Thinking, Jakarta; Competency-Based HR System, Hay Management, Jakarta; Implementing a Balanced Scorecard, Singapore Institute of Management; Quality Function Deployment, Jakarta.

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